07530817-055a-42f9-b638-89a92d13d88dBollywood, or the hindi film industry of India produces approx thousands of films every year but here we’ll see how the trend and scenario is changing with the passage of time.

1940’s to 1960’s: There has been a changing trend in the presentation of Indian films through the years. The movies released from 1940’s till the early 1960’s revolved around the common man(struggler).

1960’s to 1980’s: The era of movies from 1960’s to the 1980’s was more of action based stories along with romance in them. In these movies, the emphasis was given to the villians. The way movies were made in the 1950’s is completely different from the way it’s done in the 21st Century.

21st Century: “Realistic” or “Authentic” can be considered as the word that defines the movies these days. Bolloywood taking a turn has adopted biopics as the new theme instead of action and romance. The real life stories seen in the bollywood movies are mainly focused on popular or controversial people. We get to know about the people behind the curtains and all they have achieved in their lives. Such movies don’t need ‘MASALA’, elements like punch or dialogues to well act the BOX OFFICE because the audience emotionally gets attached to the real life stories.


MAANJHI- The Mountain Man

The film is based on the real life story of a villager named Maanjhi, who embarked on a project after his wife died, due to medical negligence. He began cutting the mountain using only a hammer.


Milkha Singh is an Indian athlete, a national Champion and an Olymipian. Farhan Akhtar brilliantly potrayed his role an Milkha in the film.

By this we go through different life stories which have changed the existing scenerio of bollywood.

                                                                             BY: Sneha Sharma


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