Songs are stated as the piece of art reflecting the soul of a movie.

‌Earlier songs in the Indian movies were known for their relevance and depiction of the various emotions which over time lost their charm.

Some oldies like ‘parde mei rehne do’ (by Asha Bhosle) j’eena yaha marna yha’ (by mukesh) ‘chhukar mere man ko’ (kishore kumar)‘ pyaar Kia to darna kya’ (lata mangeshkar) reflected the meaning love and affection and reason for their addition in the movie used to be pretty clear; music never went off the topic. ‌

However, the present scenario of the songs in the movies has got no relevance with the story line that movie follows.
Today it seems like many songs are added in the movie just to get the time period completed and to grab the attention of the viewers with the ‘Item numbers’ and catch lines ultimately getting high rankings in the box office.

There’s no doubt songs are composed and added to the movies to attract the people more and also to have good earning to the movies, but it has become more like a trend to have songs whether they’re needed or not. ‌Particularly the ones with feminine exposure so as to attract people and to make the movie more popular amongst public before releasing.

The songs are the keys to create anxiety among the public. ‌ Songs like ‘FEVICOL’ of Dabang 2 is completely meaningless with respect story that it should be added to the movie. It was just used as a tool to create a ‘hysteria’ in box office. Recently released love- tragedy ‘Raees’, a cute love story didn’t require ‘LAILA’ to increase its publicity.
‌Songs play a vital role in every movie only if they’re added properly to the movie.

“We hope Bollywood recalls the marvelous musical work of its initial days”
Somebody said it right “Old Is Gold’




  1. Surbhi Narang · February 8, 2017


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  2. JJ · February 8, 2017


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  3. varsha · February 8, 2017

    this is true bollywood had made all these song for publicity only. we want the song like old is gold which is meaningful . nice thought .

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  4. rajiv · February 8, 2017

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  5. Arpit Narang · February 8, 2017


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