‘Bigg Boss‘, an adaptation of the controversial show ‘Big Brother’, has featured good, bad and ugly shades of characters in all its seasons. But we still loved to hate the weird celebs who with their maddening activities tried to stay in our good books and of course in the Bigg Boss house.
With the end of 10 season of this reality show, it’s time to go down memory lane. Here I have jotted down the names of some celebs who with their unusual activities irritated us but at the same time entertained us too.
  • Imam Siddiqui None of the celebs was thrown out in the same way as fashion designer Imam Siddiqui. The controversial contestant’s out of the box antics like donning a skin coloured body suit and acting like a tiger among others were enough to make him the most exasperating contestant on the show.
  • Kamaal Rashid Khan He needs no introduction. The big mouthed actor continues to be in the limelight through his tweets and posts on social media platforms but who can forget his bad mouthing other contestants like Raju Srivastava on the show and above all throwing a water bottle at Rohit Verma.
  • Swami Om Swami Om Bigg Boss10 contestant had to be thrown out mid-season due to his nasty behaviour, violence and indecent acts. This man proved that ‘Human mind is a strange beast’. Lately, he was thrown out of the show for peeing on some of the other housemates.
  • Balwinder Singh- Popularly known as ‘Bunty Chor’, Balwinder Singh is probably the contestant who had the shortest stay in the Bigg Boss house. He pissed off Bigg Boss for covering a house camera with a sock. After just one day, he was thrown out for this and many other deeds.
  • Pooja Misra The actress displayed numerous shades of her personality. If her bizarre makeovers weren’t enough, the sudden twist in her character out of nowhere fulfilled the purpose. She was probably one of those contestants who couldn’t be understood by anyone.

                                                                                                  BY: Tanushree Raina          


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