Manveer Gurjar’s wedding conspiracy:

According to BIGG BOSS’s rulebook, every contestant’s real life story is to be displayed in front of the viewers. Manveer Gurjar(Winner of BB10) entered BB house as a commoner and won many hearts but was it worth? Now his actions hitting all his female fan following like a furious smite of nature. Watch how Manveer admitted his marriage and that he has got a two and half years old daughter.


The first admittance!
In one of initial episodes of Bigg Boss 10, Manveer told, Bani J, hesitantly, that he is married. After some more probing he said that he has a daughter  too. And went on to say ‘Hi’ to his daughter on camera, after Bani asked him to. How did we all miss it?

Manveer – Nitibha’s friendship
After Manu Punjabi left the home to attend to his mom’s funeral, Manveer became friends with Nitibha Kaul. They were seen as the second ‘couple’ after Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa. Buzz is that Nitibha’s eviction was delayed as people were liking their chemistry. When she came back on the show, she said that Manveer’s fans were calling her bhabhi. Well, it was the Nitibha Kaul who indirectly triggered off all the shaadi talk

Video alert and reactions 
Things were awry when a wedding video of Manveer surfaced in a regional website.We also saw pictures of his bride. The news went viral and everyone was stunned.Co-contestants like Rohan Mehra expressed their shock.

Manveer’s denial 
The man himself said in a statement, “I am not married. “Shaadi jaisi cheez aise chhup nahi sakti”. “Agar yeh sach hota toh ab tak kisi ne toh issue raise kiya hi hota”.  This has just been done by someone for cheap publicity.” Ohk!.

Manveer admitted that he tied a knot when he was 22. He further explained it saying that he was not living with his wife for the last one and a half year. He said, “As of now, even I don’t know what are the terms and what should I do, what should be my next step. But as soon as I find a closure to this, I will inform you guys. But please don’t feel I have used this to gain sympathy or any of those sorts.”

All this drama and fuss makes us wonder, did we fans make a mistake? Did India made an idol out of a wrong person? Was India fooled? Where exactly is this wife we all are wondering about? Well, seems like the controversy has just begun. Keep watching Bigg Boss 10: The Aftermath.

So, when you win the biggest reality show in India by winning people’s hearts because fans bared their heart out to you –  you don’t get to hide such crucial fact about your life. But in Manveer’s own words, and delayment, he didn’t think it was important. That is called duping your audience, my dear friend.



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