Ridiculous plot lines of ” SASURAL SIMAR KA” that would even bamboozle ACP Pradyuman:

Sasural simar ka is the reason  Indians prefer to watch American TV shows over  their Indian counterparts. This daily soap is the second entity after Sridevi to make ÍCHADHARI NAGINS’ look hip but then failed blatantly at it .

You have to remember that this serial  is still on TV for one reason people actually watch it. That’s why it is profitable, and that is why the producer’s and writers continue to get paid to make a khichdi out of our brains.

Let’s take a nostalgic ride through some of the gems of plot lines of SASURAL SIMAR KA.

When supernatural beings are not terrorizing the bhardwaj family on a daily basis, the plots are as thick as they get.  We can see why they just turned to be supernatural, because only the supernatural could have saved the show from such dull plotlines.  Similar is supposed to give birth to a devil child because she is a chudail deep inside . The baby is born and looks very much like a doll and has red glowing eyes and it loves guru maa , who is guru maa you ask? One of the supernatural who is after the life of Simar (a main character of SSK)

There are characters of Shaitan and Patali Devi and did you know that Patali Devi killed Roli ? 😀


Simar wants to beat the shit out of Chandramani , but then curses her and makes her a housefly ….. We all know this 😀             Simar’s house is like a hotel for all the Dayaans and supernatural beings ..

I hope people from other countries don’t watch serials with such subtitles as we watch different series with much better concepts. FOR THE ONE’S WHO WATCH THIS MAY GOD HELP THEM! 😀

                                                                                          BY: KAJAL


  1. lifeat19blog · February 8, 2017

    I like that title 😂

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