Khiladi Kumar took a step forward to help the martyr’s family. A unique idea was put as a proposal in front of  Home Secretary , Rajiv Mehrishi and senior officials of Border Security Force.
The proposal was to create a web mobile application through which people can provide financial aid directly to the kin of martyred army personnel. Now the question that will strike in every one’s mind that  whatever information that will be shown to the public is correct or not- to this Mr. Akshay Kumar told that the application will contain all the  authentic information related to the martry’s kins. The verified bank  acccount numbers that will be provided that too of the family members of the martyrs. The application will have all the details of the martyr and his family condition which help donors to help more needy family. One key information  shared by the bollywood star was that all the details of the   account will be removed when the donations for the fallen soldier touches Rs. 15 lakh, ensuring financial stability for the family.
“We welcome Kumar’s suggestion as the Government is also planning to create such a mobile app that seeks to directly connect the families of martyred soldiers and those who want to help them financially,” said a senior home ministry official.
 “Here I am standing up AGAIN for something I truly believe in coz THEIR well-being MATTERS to ME.I’d love to know if it does to YOU as well?” tweeted the video  regarding the application of which he took an initiative.

By: Diksha Bawa


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