Tricity known for its diverse range of events celebrated all over the year never let its followers down, wearing their hearts tight they desperately wait for these festivals to lighten up the days and nights. Music has always been a kind reflection of the rhythm that our mind and soul fully understands, be it the vibrations, symphony – instrumental art or the next generation EDM (Electronic device music).
The next event that’s going to revive lives rocking the hearts of the people Freakquency organised by Gaah and The Back Room.
Freakquency is a one-day open air music festival that will showcase some top acts of the country spanning from live bands to electronic music producers. This festival promises to bring in the culture that has long been missing with vibrations and frequencies that will be high on energy and incredible more so
This one-day festival will be featuring:
Laxmi Bomb
Reggae Rajhas
Peter Cat Recording Company.
Gaah Entertainment: “Our agenda is to make your event – A Gaah Event!
Keeping in view the vast fusion of the music culture Gaah Entertainment is representing Rock bands, Jazz Musicians, EDM DJ’s, Sufi and Commercial Artists, events varying from all the other events that gather crowd in concerts, pubs, cafe’s and University gigs in India!
Gaah is also providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and preach the meaning of music into the hearts of the people”
The Back Room Gardens, Sector 34a, Chandigarh
SCO 165-167, Sector 34A, Chandigarh
Sources: Internet, Gaah Entertainment website.
                                                                                       By: Aditya Chandel

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