It’s seems that BOLLYWOOD wants to retrace the “GOLDEN ERA”. Sometimes the magic misses it mark and the film is left to struggle at the Box Office Collections. But the remakes sometimes increase the success rate pretty high. It’s quite refreshing to see our old classics in new form. The remake is made keeping in mind the original story line with twists and turns that gives a new touch to the old movies. Has Bollywood run out of new ideas? Or the Bollywood wants to create something new?


DON:  Boolywood King Khan Shahrukh Khan took the role of Don in 2006 replacing the most famous actor Ambitabh Bachan the original don. The movie’s storyline was kept the same with a few technological updates. And the movie beat the original criterion. The make was very successful.

CHASHME BADDOOR:The newly released Chashme Badoor (2013) is yet another remake of the 1981 film with the same name.The original movie consists of three friends who fall for a same girl. The first one gets the girl and the other two become jealous 0f their friend. Though original was declared a silver jubilee hit.

HIMMATWALA:  HIMMATWALA a 1983 film featuring Jeetendra and Sridevi, was a box office hit. The remake was starred by Ajay Devgan and Tamanna Bhatia but the remake doesn’t get successful and faced audience critics.

Hence a few of the remakes were able to do the similar work or the better business than the original one. I personally feels that movies should be remaked so that youth must know the essence of old movies. We hope to see new concepts being displayed on the screens.


BY :Sneha Sharma


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