So, now its official. We’ve got less time to spend in the “Mystic Falls” as THE VAMPIRE DIARIES are going to air their last season of the series. It will truly be the end of an era. But lets not get unhappy because before we forcefully have to say goodbye to the addiction, we have a whole season of game-changing twists, heartbreaking deaths, romance and much more to enjoy!
The cast and crew were all present to celebrate this bittersweet occasion with cakes, booze and the tears of happiness. The final episode has been titled as “I Was Feeling Epic” & it will bring together the two most beloved faces of the series, one of them being the former leading lady, Nina Dobrev. She also thanked the show for all the opportunities it gave her. Plec, who is the producer of the series said, “It’s been eight of the best years of my life. I will miss it terribly, but i’m so proud to be here to see it to its proper end.” Well the favourites are returning back to the show, so there must be some excitement among the audience as many wanted them to return back with a bang! So here they are.
Now,  as we look at the cast and crew’s last day on the set, we must say, ” Television shows are temporary but memories are forever.” Just like the vampires, who live forever.

By: Tanushree Raina


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