Knowingly or unknowingly movies leave a great impact on our lives .We are someway or the other always influenced by the superb art work presented in a form of story, play or as we call it movies. Taking an example like after watching Salman Khan’s  ‘TERE NAAM’ most of boys copied his hairstyle which evolved after watching ‘Dhoom’ boys started getting more attracted towards the sports bikes and the stunts performed. In the same way, our behavior also gets affected by the Bollywood movies. Sometimes it emerges in heroic form saving, protecting our rights and sometimes it drifts down to an understanding family person with responsibilities and people to look after.
The best part lays with the theme selected by the directors-producers of the movie, which is nurtured, filtered, funneled delivering a meaningful end depicting the bright side of the line. Bollywood surely realizes the worth of what all they make more importantly what all people watch and try implementing to their lives which can be so good at times.
Movies like Page3, Pink, Akira and so many others with such diverse themes is giving the audience a new way of living like a star starting from similar dresses in the market to all the other accessories they easily get online, “Internet, so far so good”. It’s a wonder to see how people can get influenced watching the movies if the story somewhere reminds one of them. However, we do find deluded people from time to time challenging their limits but then it’s okay
“We’re all folks”

By: Sneha Sharma


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