Drug abuse causing the viral of ecstasy over the young generation of our society is becoming a matter of concern day by day due to drug induced deaths and spoiling relationships of the victims with the family members. Addiction is considered as the regularity of an individual in using the harmful intoxicants (drugs like GHB, HASH, HEROINE, and LSD etc.) which may affect work, social and personal relationships of a person on a very wide scale. A person who abuses drugs and alcohol cannot be considered as an addict. However, the abuse of these intoxicants is a total risk factor in the creating and developing a shot in the darkness because continuous drug abuse can head to physical and psychological dependency to use the desired drug on regular basis or else an individual may turn out as an aggressor.
It has been discovered that a huge family of musicians are getting trapped in the labyrinth of drugs which has generated fear of their untimely deaths and breakdowns, there can be a variety of reason for an artist’s abnormal behaviour be it…it’s general relativity and vision of the world or personal reasons. Drug use during concert, gigs or performing at other live music junctions have always proved as an annihilation of their musical journeys…
Musicians like Jim Morrison, Kurt Donald Cobain, Janis Joplin and so many more lost their lives consuming drugs for various reasons keeping in view their lifestyles and flesh memories of childhood which lead to drug addiction and their untimely deaths.


Drug use doesn’t lead to abuse all by itself; however, it may turn out from just an irregular habit to a deadly addiction. It also varies individual to individual in what manner the person is handling the psychological state. No matter what the amount of consumption of the drugs are but sooner or later the consequences will be in front of you, if your drug use is causing trouble in your life, at work, school, home, or in your relationship, then you are in the cards to have a drug abuse or addiction problem persisting.

Say No To Drugs

                                                                                                                       By: Aditya Chandel





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