Not every date goes according to the plan. Not every date is a success. At times some dates go wrong completely. These dates may put you in awkward situations at that moment , but would definitely make you laugh whenever you think of them in future .
Here are some embarrassing moments my friends encountered this valentines .
1) 6 children ?
My date was twenty minutes late for coffee, and when he finally showed up he sat down and started talking about his goals and plans for the future. He wanted to be a high school teacher in a small town in Punjab, he wanted at least six children, and he wanted his wife to be a housewife.  “What do you think?” he said. “You up for it?” I replied that I was hoping to have a career after college, and he shrugged, stood up, and left. So egoistic i must say .
2) That awkward meeting.
I’d asked this guy out for coffee, and I thought he understood that it was a date. We met at a coffee shop on campus and were having a great conversation when he started to look all nervous and twitchy. He nodded over to the door, where another woman had just walked in. “I’m thinking of asking her out,” he said. “What do you think?” Which gave a clear indication that he was least interested in me . ☹️
3) Am i that fat ?
It was my first date with this guy I’d liked forever. He took me to Olive Garden and ordered salad without dressing for us. I looked surprised, and he informed me that “Dressing’s really fattening. I don’t think you need it.”
4) How mean !
I went on a date with a guy who ended up dining and dashing. I was sitting at the table waiting for him while he went to the “restroom”… and then I looked out the window to see him outside the restaurant waving at me, signaling me of a phone call he received. I ended up paying for the entire meal myself. Later he said that he had an urgent piece of work.
5) Sirens !
My boyfriend took me for a picnic in the park after it had gotten dark, not realizing that it was illegal to be there after sunset. He’d just leaned over to kiss me when a policeman showed up and demanded to know what we were doing. We were speechless.
6) No more blind dates.
I was set up on a blind date, and I was only told the guy’s first name. When he arrived, it turned out to be an ex-boyfriend. Our breakup hadn’t been a good one. He stormed off, and I sat there feeling awkward.
7) Sneeze !
It was my first date with a boy , i had a slight cold that day. We went to a nice restaurant , and while we were eating meal , i sneezed and a huge booger came out of my nose , hanging onto my plate. It was awful and would go. I ran straight to the washroom by covering my face. I guess that guy would never ask me out ever again.
8) Beware of Cats
This valentines , i invited my boyfriend for dinner date at my place. I have a pet cat , who has a habit of taking things out of trash and spill it here and there. So while we were eating dinner on the bed , it came running onto the bed with used toilet papers in its mouth and it put them in front of us. So disgusting .
9) Hello ? Whose this ?
On 13th mid night , i called my boyfriend to wish him valentines at dot 12 . I had a love letter to recite. Everything was ready , i called him . I didn’t even wait for him to say hi , i went on with the letter till the time i heard him interrupting by saying , hey ! Wait ! The phone was with my dad . It wasn’t me. The whole time i had been confessing my love to his dad.
10) Always carry a wallet.
I was on a lunch date with my boyfriend , when the check came , i offered to split it. Even though i thought he would say no , but he said okay as u say.  I turned bright red , and told him that i’have accidentally forgotten my purse at home. (I didn’t bring it , because i thought i wouldn’t need it.) He looked annoyed but thank god the date ended.

                                                                                                                                    By: Ushma Agnihotri


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