He wowed you in Haider, Udta Punjab and a number of bollywood hits, now its time you’re wowed by these nuggets we bet you didn’t know. He’s nimble, nice and has just the right amount of spice; with immense love for Bollywood’s resident chocolate boy, Shahid Kapoor, here are 8 facts we bet you didn’t know:

  1. His first professional career choice was dancing

Shahid’s first foray in to the world of showbiz was as a trainer at Shaimak Davar’s academy. He also appeared in Taal as part the dance troupe in the song, “Kahin Aag Lage”.

  1. He was first spotted at his friend’s audition

Shahid was first spotted in an audition for a Pepsi commercial where he was told that he had a nice look going for him.

  1. That body took a year to get perfectly buffed

Shahid trained for an entire year to get the perfect body, for his role in Kaminey.

  1. Kareena wasn’t his first lady love

Contrary to popular belief, Kareena Kapoor wasn’t Shahid’s first love, it was Hrishita Bhatt. They first started dating when they shot for the Aryans music video, ‘Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra’.

  1. The King Khan made a dig about his body! 

Shah Rukh Khan visited Shamiak Davar’s academy when he spotted a rather lanky looking Shahid Kapoor. King Khan asked Shamiak if he had deliberately stopped feeding his dancers! Shahid has been quoted saying that it was this incident that motivated him to bulk and buff up.

  1. He comes from unbelievable Bollywood pedigree

Not only is Shahid’s father, Pankaj Kapur, an acting legend, his step-mother Supriya Pathak is one of the best female actors we’ve seen. He also happens to be ace actor Naseeruddin Shah’s step nephew. Shahid’s great great grandfather is acclaimed film director, screenwriter, novelist and journalist K.A Abbas.

  1. He gave up meat after reading a book

While his father tried to get him to turn vegetarian for quite a while, Shahid gave up meat only after reading the book ‘Life is Fair’  by Brian Hines. In fact, Shahid was so inspired by the book that he also made his then girlfriend Kareena Kapoor to turn vegetarian.



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