In India movies are made as per the interest of audience  Everyone is blaming Bollywood for not creating quality content like Hollywood.but its wrong that India can’t create a movie just like a Hollywood.It’s very wrong, our actors producers and directors  have skills and they can create movies like Hollywood.But the problem is with viewers they always want to see that movies which have item songs or masala items in it.Though these movies are appreciated by some of the audience then the problems arises by the censor-board because the movies have that scenes which are not acceptable by the board ,They thought that these types of movies can cause disruption in the society and those types of scenes are asked  to be deleted from the movie.  Majority of people believe that movie should be watched as a time pass and not as something from which you can learn from.
  • Hollywood producers and directors spend lot of money on their movies.While our Bollywood has limited amount of budget.They have to do all all things under their budget which they have set for their movie.But Hollywood producers spends a lots of money to make their movie successful.
  • Most of the Bollywood movies are just made for the purpose of entertainment but the producers of Hollywood movies have everything in their movies.
  • Bollywood is improving but lack behind in the graphic animation because Bollywood have technology but they are not that advanced which can be used for making graphical movies.
  • Hollywood movies that more time in post production but our Bollywood is not that patient they wanted to release their movies as possible they can
In short our Bollywood has skills and technology by which they can form movies like Hollywood but there is need to bring changes among the audience and also the Bollywood itself.Though Bollywood lacks behind in technology but it would be wrong to say that Bollywood is not ready for Hollywood movies.

BY:Sneha Sharma



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