For every student out there, the time of Board Exams, is the time of World War ||| for them. With the presuure of performing good in our exams, we just give up our hobbies and funtime. And we are the only one, our parents feel the same pressure. They support and care for our well-being during exams. While they up late for us infact with us, making us coffees so that we don’t fall asleep and to help us focus better, they unknowingly add to our pressure. Though we love them, the fear of dissapointing them bears heavier than anything.
This video of teenagers reeling under this very weight of performing well and parental expectations is a heartbreaking account of what academic success has been reduced to. Mirinda, through this video, is urging parents to look at exams in a new light altogether and #ReleaseThePressure for their teens. Sometimes giving their teens a well-deserved break will help them perform better. And I must say, it’s time we made such a change.
Now if you’re a parent, and you believe that whatever has been shown in this video is true, pledge to relieve your children form stress.
Video: ScoopWhoop

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