Every year there’s that one movie that wins all the acclaim, all the awards, all the notices, and seems to suck the air out of the room for everyone else. And this year it was La La Land which was nominated for a record 14 nominations at the OSCARS. But does the movie really deserve all of this hype?  Not according to a distinct camp of critics, viewers, and tweeters who, for a variety of reasons, rolled their eyes when the film almost certainly collects Oscar gold.
It seemed as though some organizers of the 89th Academy Awards must have been in “La La Land” themselves on Sunday night, when presenter Warren Beatty opened the envelope that was supposed to contain the name of the Best Picture winner and found that it held Best Actress Emma Stone’s name, leading fellow presenter Faye Dunaway to mistakenly declare LA LA LAND the winner when MOONLIGHT had really won.
While some critics have called the gaffe the greatest in Oscars history, it is not the first to occur during the presentation of one of the top awards of the night. One such mix-up up occurred in 1934.  In extraordinary scenes, the La La Land team were halfway through their victory speeches when it was noticed that the wrong film name had been read out.
Well, The accountants for the Academy Awards have accepted responsibility for the mistake that led to the Oscars ending in chaos.
Here’s a video clipping for the same:

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