ALOM – Oh sorry ! HERO ALOM.

So, Is it a bad day for you guys? Are you depressed because of your singlehood? Do you think working out for hours in the gym and those costly protein cans will get you female friends? Then you really really need to READ THIS!

Not many of us know about Ashraful Alom Saeed best known as Hero Alom who is a Bangladeshi amateur music video model and social media phenomenon. He had been employed selling CDs and later started satellite TV connection business. He began making music videos as a hobby. None of his music videos are original; he uses popular Bangla and Hindi movie songs including voice and music in his videos.
He doesnt have the perfect body nor goodlooks , but still has got over 4.5 million views on his youtube channel 😂 which is pretty amazing.

In Bangladesh, Alom is a popular target of online trolling and a popular subject of memes. People who are single make trolls on him saying that if he can have so much of female fan following then there is a hope for them as well.
Alom has not acted in any feature film, television film or drama but his videos are super funny and entertaining .

Also in an interview he says that he has a wish to work with salman khan and shahrukh khan.
Just imagine ! Such a big dream no ?
He also said that he is immensely grateful to social media. Thats what made him the star he is today, helping him see his dream come true – that of being famous. “Signing autographs and posing for photographs are my most favourite things,” Hero Alom said. His next stop? Bollywood. “Bollywood, if it happens, will be a dream come true. I want to do a romantic action flick like Salman Khan. Even better, if I get to act with him someday,” he says. The man is so busy that it took us two weeks to track him down for an interview. “I don’t want to miss being published in India,” he tells happily. For a man, who rose to fame after a bunch of his unintentionally hilarious music videos went viral on social media, he knows exactly what it takes to be a star. He has sung a rap song and has produced over 500 music videos.

Tough to believe, yet last month, his videos recorded 10 million views, a feat sometimes impossible even for Bollywood stars. Hero Alom credits Facebook for all his name and fame. Being famous How did he crack the formula for being famous? “Facebook did the trick for me. I used to be a CD seller but had always dreamt of being a superstar. Today, becoming one isn’t so difficult. The world is just a fingertip away,” he says. A favourite target for online trollers, his retort to memes is simple. “I am living my dream and they are not. I have a huge female fan base. They write letters to me from all over the country, saying how much they want to work with me. More than anything else, I have a loving wife at home. I can’t be thankful enough for the life I have.” While never having been to India, he closely follows Bollywood. “I’ve never been there, but the place seems like home. I love Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

For each of my videos, I would watch their videos a hundred times over to pick up the steps. Among the dancers, I love Mithun Chakraborty and Madhuri Dixit. I can watch her dance to ‘Dhak Dhak Karne Laga’ on loop,” he adds.

Hero Alom has created 500 music videos ‘Just dream big’ His career graph can at best be called bizarre; but calls it ‘bismayakara’ (phenomenal). With two Bangladeshi films in his kitty, he feels his rise to fame is a legend-waitforit-dary story.

He also said , “People say you need good looks and good physique to be a star. I believe you need to have faith and dream big. If you really want something, it will happen for you. I can believe that I am considered a star here but I feel wonderful when people in India and Pakistan send me congratulatory messages,” he says.
But inspite of all the serious things he talks about , his videos are a must watch thing.
His oh-so-not-serious videos will take you on a laughter ride.

By: Ushma Agnihotri


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