In this society of already set thoughts and theories.. On this Women’s Day our  bollywood actresses  have come up with a campaign “Shave your opinion”

The message they want to convey through this campaign is – Don’t judge a girl by her clothes. It’s her own choice that what she wants to wear and what not.

In this campaign many actresses like Jenifer Winget , Anita hassanandani , Mandira Bedi, Bani J and many more  took stand by posting pictures on social media with a razor in between their fingers. The razor in their hands signifies that they are participating in this campaign and conveying a meaningful message to the fans.

Jenifer Winget posted on her instagram account : Remember, when you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her , it defines you. Let nothing and nobody dull your sparkle. So to those who judge us #shaveyouropinion

Mandira Bedi also posted : For all those who have problem with what I wear …Why don’t you just #shaveyouropinion

Anita Hassanandani shared : To all those who judge us women on our choice of clothes. #shaveyouropinion



  1. Arpit Narang · March 11, 2017



  2. Diksha Seth · August 3

    nice work bawa!!


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