Roadies has always been interesting but this year the hype is even higher. Along with the the Roadies fame Ranvijay Singha, Prince Narula, Actress Neha Dhupiya and television actor Karan Kundra, the show has been joined by cricketer Harbhajan Singh. He would not be a team leader but will definitely bring amazing twists and turns in the show with his powers.
The show has started to air but there were recent news that Harbhajan might leave the show because of a spat with Neha Dhupia. A source from the sets informed, “While shooting for an audition episode, Rannvijay, Neha, Karan and Prince wanted to test a contestant by making him face his biggest fear. They made him sit on a chair and decided to electrocute him. To make matters worse, Neha suggested that water be poured on his feet. That’s when Harbhajan lost his cool, and said, “This is wrong. Just to do a task, you might end up hurting the guy. He could die. I am not going to be part of this.” To this Neha told Harbhajan that, “You can throw googlies on us but you cannot tell us what to do.”
Roadies Rising had also been in news for the “gang leader” Kundra for slapping a male contestant  who had claimed that he had slapped her sister once, therefore being replaced by another MTV Anchor Nikhil Chinnapa.
While I get that Roadies Rising is trying to rise above itself and give us a lesson in civility, it would have been far more effective using just one contestant as an example. This is a morality lesson prolonged to a point where it becomes a spectacle and nothing more.  A contestant who is lesbian, came out to her parents on camera. And a paanwallah’s son, who till a few months back lived in a house without a bathroom and now has shifted to a house with an attached loo, came on the show and spoke of how he did a number of jobs and had saved money for his parents and how his sister was now a lecturer.
Four celebrity “gang leaders”. One fame-hungry star off-spinner. And a whole bunch of physically abusive people slapping each other up. How can you possibly not want to watch this show?

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