1. This Khan not only has a spectacular body and excellent acting skills but he is also good with the racket and the ball. Yes, you read that right!   Aamir was one-time state tennis Champion in the state of Maharashtra during his school days. In a interview with the Hindustan Times he also said that Roger Federer is his favorite tennis player.59e5bab4-edb9-4098-9fc8-e40709f398a7.jpg

2. Lagaan was a super-duper hit and till date the older generation knows Aamir by this movie but the hidden fact is that Aamir rejected the script of Lagaan 6 times. Then he found the 7th edit of the film quiet interesting so he himself decided to produce the movie.


3. So for all the bloggers out there, Aamir khan was the first bollywood Actor to start a blog of his own. He was active on his blog in the year 2009 but God knows why he quit updating about his real and reel life in this modern era of blogging.


4. Another fact which a very few people know is that Aamir hails from a family of freedom fighters. His great grand uncle was Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who was also nominated as India’s first Education Minister.


5. Aamir was once invited by the Madame Tassauds in London in the year 2007. But to everyone’s surprise he declined the offer stating that if people are fond of him they would rather watch his films than looking at him in the form of wax statues.



Team Popcrunchers wishes MR. PERFECTIONIST a very Happy Birthday.. Keep on inspiring the young generation.                    😀

BY: Anshul Ahuja


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