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The ace comedian is once again making news, but for all the wrong reasons. Popular comedian and host Kapil Sharma has been grabbing the eyeballs since Saturday for two completely different reasons. The first one being the news of him introducing his lady love Ginni to the world and the second one of him allegedly having a fight and beating up Sunil Grover on a flight. Now, Kapil has finally opened up on the said incident and has racted in his trademark style. As per a BollywoodLife report, he said, “Mujhe yaad nahi (I don’t remember). Actually hamari har flight mei ladai hoti hai (We fight on every flight), har jagah ladai hoti hai (We fight everywhere). It is a healthy fight. We fight for work. We fight for good work.”
However, Kapil once again came out clean as Sunil EXCLUSIVELY admitted that it was his decision to cancel the promotions and not Kapil’s. While everything seems honky dory between the two, there is a part of me that still asks if there is something more than what meets the eye. What do you think ? Are the stories of their rivalry just a publicity gimmick or do they really have some grounding ?

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