It’s been so long that we all have been asking for special treatments for girls over boys. Girls have been miss treated and have been taken for granted. Females are always seen weaker then males physically, mentally and in many other things. Females have been deprived of there rights because of this misconceptions. Females have been molested, raped, and have seen many worse scenarios because of the thinking that they are weak.
India is a country where there are 940 females per 1000 males. Ironically the girls family is the one which has to bear the pressure of dowry. Isn’t it funny?? It should be the girl who should ask for dowry if someone had to marry her. I’m not in favor of dowry but this thing strikes my mind whenever i think of the dowry system. Let’s just imagine for a while and think, there comes a time when it’s the girls family asking for dowry. The girl and her family visits the boys house and asks him questions like, do you know how to cook? How qualified are you? Will you work after marriage? The best part will be when the girl’s family asks for the dowry. Thinking about this thing makes me feel like the scenario had changed and girls have the real power. Not only this but imagine when a boy is walking on a street at night and girls standing around teases him and pass various comments like,”Hottness, Beauty , sexy, Blaah… Blaah” such things sounds good for girls but there will be no change in the society. But boys do need to understand the pain and humiliation girls go through. Even if you can imagine yourself in the place where we girls are, there can be a huge difference in the society. If thinking like this makes you feel weird then all you need to realise is its your call to respect girls and treat them well.
Girls don’t want to be treated special but they do deserve to feel what they have earned. Equality is all that matters. Boys have there plus points and girls have there own. It’s like a balance that we need to maintain. Somewhere boys can be good and somewhere girls. Only thing which is required is that you need to do your best be it you are a girl or a boy. It doesn’t mean what work you are doing, you can do anything and everything. Just give your 100% and the results will be in your favor for sure. Your gender will never be a barrier.
By -Sneha Sharma


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