Another celebrity couple who came together in BIG BOSS and after that hosted MTV Love School together, broken up few months ago but recently they both were spotted coming out of a restaurant together. This led to speculation of a reconciliation between them but Upen’s recent Twitter rant tells us a different story together.

For the past few days Upen has been regularly tweeting that puts all the reconciliation rumours to rest. In some of his tweets he has tagged Karishma and accused her of using him and later deleted them.

Upen’s tweet on March 6 clearly implies that Karishma wanted him back and played the victim. He tweeted

“They call you in private and send u emails and beg you back and confess to all the wrong they did to u but then paint a picture of as a victim”

-upen patel (@upenpatelworld) March 6, 2017

“Omg!! Is someone really playing the victim….so disgusted how people live a lie and try and make themselves look good…had enough….!!

-upen patel (@upenpatelworld) March 5, 2017

He also accused her of lying and betraying him. One of his tweet said,

“Being lied to, betrayed, and used is painful…. But empowers you with so much strength”

-upen patel (@upenpatelworld) March 10, 2017

He also posted a pic on Twitter recently which also reflects that how much angry and disappointed he is, rest let’s see what happens next!!


By: Smriti Sahni


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