With the release of  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST . international reports claims that her role has placed her on the track to becoming Hollywood’s highest-earning star of 2017.  Watson told vanity fare that she worked with Disney to update her character for the live-action version of its 1991 cartoon: In this latest version, Belle wears more practical clothing, is an inventor in her own right, and often asserts her love of reading. Watson even asked renowned feminist writer Gloria Steinem to watch the film and make sure it aligned with feminist principles.Still its not a feminist movie.  Beauty and the Beast is an odd film in many ways, even as it adheres to the safest routes of storytelling. Much of the film is a near-identical replication of the original, down to repeated dialogue and recreations of iconic scenes. It’s a redundant method of film-making, but it also makes sense from a cold-hearted business point of view: Why fix what isn’t broken, especially when that formula has proven so profitable and helps with strengthening the brand? That’s not to say that the film is totally without new additions, but the small shifts made in aid of evolving the stories and characters to fit changing sensibilities ultimately rob the story of much of its emotional depth. Several of these changes were heavily lauded in the press by the cast and crew of the film as part of the extensive promotional campaign. Emma Watson, who plays Belle, took great pains to emphasize the feminist nature of the character – a topic of passionate discussion in feminist film critic circles – and play up the newly added elements of the film that supposedly gave her more agency than was present in the original story. The symbol of this evolution was the washing machine, invented by Belle to ease her workload and give her more time to read, which Watson said was a symbol of the town’s distrust of her. Given the build-up dedicated to this device in the publicity for the film, it’s something of a letdown to finally see the crucial scene and have it be so utterly inconsequential.

Sans titre 3

(picture courtesy: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xg8pWK713RU/VcnCniTucWI/AAAAAAAAOq8/WyTtiOvUYfs/s1600/Sans%2Btitre%2B3.jpg)





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