The points that we’ll get to experience in BAHUBALI 2

  1. The reaction happening between Shivu and Devasena, his awaiting mother. This would be a nice and emotional scene as Devasena saw her child as a new-born baby, and hasn’t seen him for the last 25 years, as she was put under chains and Baahubali was rescued by Sivagami and later Sanga and her husband.
  2. Bhallala deva gets angered by seeing/hearing about his son Bhadra’s death
  3. The angering war between Shivu and Bhallala Deva. This would be interesting as Shivu would be probably taking his revenge at this point for all the miseries caused by Bhallala Deva, although this would probably come closer to the end of the movie
  4. Amarendra Baahubali rule the kingdom of Maahishmati properously, with Bhallala Deva as his chief army general
  5. Different ways in which Bhallala Deva tries to kill Baahubali
  6. Why Devasena was made a prisoner in Maahishmati
  7. Kattapa joins hands with weapons dealer Aslamji and the ‘rescue-Devasena’ group to fight against bhallala deva
  8. Bijjala Deva could either get killed accidentally by his son, or with revenge by Baahubali, or he could go mad seeing either Bhadra’s or Bhalladeva’s death
  9. A war with another kingdom within the flashback
  12. Mahendra Baahubali ruling the kingdom with Avanthika by his side
  13. Other deaths that could come true would be Katappa, his 2 sidemen, Sanga and friends + Swamiji (for interfering with the war?)
  14. Maybe Mahendra Baahubali has a son who looks exactly like him, just like his father (Amarendra) and grandfather
  15. Let’s hope for: BAAHUBALI 3





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