1.Rakhi sawant:- Rakhi sawant, who is one of the loudest actress in bollywood family, and has always been upfront about her plastic surgeries. In the popular talk show, Coffee With Karan, Rakhi said that a doctor can give you what God hasn’t, in a funny way


2. Kangna ranaut:-Just to look more cute one of the finest actresses, Which made her face look like shit,she had a plastic surgery .her plastic surgery effected her figure too, while in a interview she said, she had made a big mistake by doing so.


3. Hema Malini:-Living legend of bollywood industry HEMA MALINI had her face surgery which made her face dirty, As she is one of the top most actress of 60’s but her decision regarding this was bad and made her ugly.


4. Ayesha takia:- The statement of bollywood actress Ayesha takia that “I love myself and you should love yourself too”, while this state proved her anger as she had some movie events and from there her pic got viral in media while people are saying that she had swollen lips and cheecks too.



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